Cardiff City Close In On Kieffer Moore Signing

Hamish Woodward

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Cardiff City could be closing in on the signing of Wales International Kieffer Moore, as the odds are slashed for the striker to return to the Cardiff City Stadium.

Moore spent 18-months with the Bluebirds between 2020 and 2022, scoring 25 times in 66 matches. This form earned him a move to Bournemouth in the summer of 2022, where he has played in the Premier League ever since. Kieffer recently scored against Crystal Palace in a 2-0 away win for Bournemouth, although he has struggled to find a space in the starting eleven since signing.

The likelihood of Kieffer Moore joining Cardiff City in January is as low as 4/5, as indicated by the prominent Welsh bookmaker Dragonbet.

Erol Bulut has been transparent about his interest in securing Moore during the January transfer window, especially since Cardiff are actively seeking up to five new players. The team is in urgent need of a focal point in their attack, and the potential return of Moore, who previously scored 20 league goals in his debut season with the Bluebirds, seems promising.

Given Moore’s limited participation with Bournemouth this season, there’s a strong chance that the Welsh striker could be enticed to return to the Welsh capital. Dragonbet is placing favorable odds on Moore signing for the Bluebirds by the end of the window.

In the latest episode of the EFL podcast last week, Bulut stated, “For Kieffer Moore, we tried already in the summer, but it was not possible because they tried to sell him, or they wanted to sell him, his club, and because of our penalty, we couldn’t make anything. We have to see the financial aspect from Cardiff City’s side too. I hope the board members see how hard we were doing until now and they are satisfied, in my opinion. That’s why, I hope in January they are going to invest a little bit more so I can get three or four more quality players so we can push for more.”

Kieffer Moore has been repeatedly linked with Cardiff City since leaving, although with the recent transfer ban the club have been subjected to by the Football League, they have been unable to pay a fee to facilitate a transfer back to Wales.

With the ban set to expire in January, Kieffer Moore could be the first big signing of the Erol Bulut era (after the free transfer of Aaron Ramsey, of course) and help push the Bluebirds back into the play off spots.

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